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Maximum Connections allowed per Service Bus Namespace

April 11, 2011

To send data to or from the AppFabric Service Bus, whether it is a transactional message or a data stream, you need a connection to the AppFabric Service Bus. You can think of these connections as communication sessions between your application and the AppFabric Service Bus, which your application can “open” or “close” at any time. These connections result from opening services, opening client channels, or making HTTP requests against the AppFabric Service Bus.

Each URL in Windows Azure AppFabric is associated with at least one connection and the table below shows the maximum number of connections allowed in a single namespace. This limit no longer depends on the connection pack currently selected for the namespace.

Connection Pack Selected Connection Limit
0 Pack 2000
5 Pack 2000
25 Pack 2000
100 Pack 2000
500 Pack 2000

You can purchase as many pay-per-use individual connections as you like during any billing period, subject to system quotas and credit limits. You can also purchase up to one connection pack per namespace per billing period. If you decide that a larger or smaller pack is needed during a billing period, you can select a different pack size and the difference in price will be assessed on a pro-rated basis. You cannot change the pack size for a given service namespace more than once every seven days.

Additional information about AppFabric is available at:
1) Windows Azure AppFabric FAQ
2) Windows Azure FAQ

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